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Create the Digital Products That Stand Out + Sell

 (without getting lost in the crowd!)

Join Digital Products Pro, Mim Jenkinson, and finally start making sales with digital products that people actually want to buy!


Your goal is simple = you want to sell digital products

Whether it's a course, membership or a digital download that you know will change someone's life for the better.

Thing is, you know there are a million and one ways you could be marketing your products or growing your audience. But which one is right for you?

You don't need another "guru" promising you $10k months ... if you join their $10k program.

You want to stop spinning your wheels following every new marketing tactic that all the others are using ... especially when it doesn't feel good to YOU.

You don't want to sell your soul on the latest social trends ... and none of it feels that "social" anymore.

In fact, you're sick of doing this whole digital marketing thing alone.

And you don't have to - because I'd love to support you at every step of the way to get more digital product sales.


Hi, I'm Mim Jenkinson!

I'm a Digital Product Coach + Creator, Mother, Planner-Addict, Podcaster, App Owners, Course + Memberships Creator, 5-Star Etsy Seller, Author, Blogger and the LEAST busy business person I know!

I have an unwavering passion for taking action - and love to help others stay on track with their online business goals.

I turned my hobby blog into a thriving, multi-6-figures a year online business that attracts loyal students and customers every single day - and this is what I want for you too!

In fact, I've sold over $1m worth of digital products in the last two years alone.

If you're ready to finally make progress with the digital products business you've dreamed of, you're in the right place.


You'll get instant access to all this:

You're going to get ongoing, personalized coaching, training and support for three months.

During this time, you'll be able to:

  • ask me anything over Voxer and get fast answers to your digital products and online marketing questions
  • get personalized support, audits and answers about growing YOUR digital product business
  • join me in weekly group coaching calls to share your successes, ask for advice and work through any challenges
  • experience quick breakthroughs and results week after week
  • stay motivated and accountable to me with your sales goals!

There's no lock-in contract after the three months - although you're always welcome to renew.

During our three months of working together, you'll experience the breakthroughs you need to finally get your digital product business on track!

You will get my personalized coaching on:

  • Creating digital products from scratch or improving the products you already have.
  • Identifying your audience so you can get your digital products in front of the people who want to buy them.
  • Creating your offers - so you can create a clear path to purchase for your perfect ideal customers.
  • Setting up profit-focused sales funnels that can run on automation so you're no longer chained to your desk.
  • Mapping out an action plan to elevate, automate and scale your towards your business goals.
  • Nailing your content strategy, copy and messaging so your target customers instantly connect to your offers.
  • Evergreening + automating your offers and funnels including free + paid classes, webinars, optins, eBooks, courses, coaching funnels and more.
  • Ongoing digital marketing questions that come up throughout the month to keep you in momentum and take action towards your goals.

You're ready to start now if:

  • You're a digital product creator and you want to make a consistent monthly income selling your stuff.
  • You create (or plan to create!) content to share with others online to educate or help them.
  • You're proactive, action-focused and coachable.
  • You want to join a fun and focused community to help keep you motivated and on track towards your goals every month.

I'm ready to start coaching you!

Apply now:

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Amy Cox, Membership Owner

"Mim has helped me radically shift my mindset to focus on what's *actually* possible when you focus on planning and profit. If you're looking for your biz bestie with a bucketload of knowledge on marketing and tech, you NEED some 'Mimspiration'!"

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Kell Casey, Spiritual Coach

"Mim is my 'go to' digital marketing expert for everything related to online products and setting up offers and funnels. Mim has simplified my processes and created less overwhelm and more space for business growth. I highly recommend Mim!"

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Sophia Pallas, Copywriting Coach

"Mim is a rockstar when it comes to planning, developing and implementing digital products. I’ve been blown away by the way she has streamlined her own products and sales funnels, as well as her never-ending fountain of great ideas for improving mine!"

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