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What sticker-designing software do you teach?

I teach both Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space.

Do I need a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine to make my own stickers OR to print and cut my own stickers?

Ideally yes because it makes the cutting process much quicker and much more accurate BUT many of my students and customers cut with scissors or a craft knife too. If you are planning to ever sell stickers, you will definitely need to cut them with a cutting machine so that they're professionally done.

Can I use a Brother Scan n Cut?

I do have some students who use a Brother Scan n Cut and have included instructions in the course on how to cut with that.

I'm a newbie at making stickers, are your courses for me?

Absolutely! Many of my students had no experience making stickers before they got started with my courses. The lessons and tutorials are bite-sized and help you in a really easy-to-follow way to make stickers from scratch.

What if I'm not a designer or artist?

I wasn't either - and you don't need to be when you follow my courses. Everyone can learn how to make popular stickers from scratch that can be customized so YOU can stand out.

What equipment or tools will I need to make stickers with your courses?

The things you probably already have! A computer or laptop and an internet connection is all you need to get started.

What about design software?

I teach either the free version of Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space. If you have a Cricut, you can still design stickers with the free Silhouette Studio software and then print and cut your stickers with your Cricut. I teach how to do this in the program too.

What if I don't have a cutting machine?

All good! You can cut your stickers with scissors or a craft knife. Plus, if you want to invest in a cutting machine, you could save money by buying a preloved Silhouette or Cricut. 

What about sticker paper and printing?

When you've perfected making stickers, you can print them on white, matter sticker paper on a color inkjet or laser printer - doesn't need to be a fancy one. My $60 printer has lasted me for yeeeears. I share the exact tools and resources I use in my courses.

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