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Create Perfect Stickers From Scratch

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Instantly access fun sticker-making projects, tutorials, guides, tips and resources to make stickers from scratch that you're proud of!

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Maybe this is new to you or you've tried to make stickers before, but ...


... you'd love to make stickers for yourself, your kids, grandkids or others but you don't know where to start

... you don't know which tools and equipment you need to make great-looking stickers?

... you spent hours watching out-of-date, lengthy videos online that don't answer your questions?

... you struggled with the software and eventually gave up trying?

... you got stuck in 'perfectionism' because they're just. not. right?

... you were close to throwing your cutting machine out of the window?!


It's time for you to get unstuck ... with making stickers!

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I have great news ... everyone can learn to make stickers!

Here are three reasons why YOU are ready to start today:


 1. You don't need any previous experience!

You'll be learning my easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques from scratch.

2. You don't need any fancy or expensive tools!

Already have a cutting machine? Great! But if not, you're not alone! Many of my students easily cut their stickers with scissors or a craft knife.

3. You don't need any expensive or complicated design software!

My go-to software is free and easy to use!


You'll follow my step-by-step lessons to make stickers the fast, fun and stress-free way!

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Imagine being able to ...


... stop wasting money on stickers you don't need and make the stickers you love ... whenever you want them

... turn your kids or grandkids' artwork into stickers, unlock their creativity, or even enjoy crafting together!

... stop spending so much money on crafting equipment and supplies that aren't used!

 ... design beautiful, made-to-measure stickers that look polished and professional ... and that you're really proud of!

    ... add joy to someone's day with a sticker gift that no one else will have

... start a fun and rewarding hobby for your spare time, retirement, or side hustle ... because NOW is the time!

... and so much more!


It's time for you to stop trying to figure it out alone and finally have sticker-making success!


My student Sherie said:

"My biggest sticker-making breakthrough has been letting go of fear. I love making other people happy and creating colorful and beautiful things.

Dreams do not expire, and I would encourage others to follow their dream and passion even if the journey takes longer."

You will soon be ...

... designing, printing and cutting your very own stickers ... and sharing them with the people you love!

... taking the easy steps to becoming a sticker designer and making custom-made, beautiful stickers you're proud of

... full of confidence and joy that you've built a creative hobby that helps you be organized, calm and happy!


I did this - and now it's YOUR turn

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My student Ree Ree said:

“Mim is such a good teacher and she us truly a person that is very passionate about helping others succeed and master the ART of making stickers.

I truly appreciate you and all that you do for your students. Please do not stop doing what you are doing.... Making Dreams Come True.ūüíę‚ÄĚ


How can YOU get started making perfect stickers from scratch?

Introducing ...

the STICKER MAKING 101 Course


The fast-track, step-by-step plan to design, print and cut stickers at home

... no previous experience necessary

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What's inside the Sticker Making 101 course?

You'll get instant access to:

DIY Sticker Guide


10+ Sticker-Making Tutorials

The start-to-finish, step-by-step path to design, print and cut your own stickers with ease.

Learn sticker design in Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space to make stickers from scratch that you're proud of!

(Value: $350+)

DIY Sticker Guide


Tool Guides + Checklists

Discover and choose the sticker-making tools and equipment that the 'pros' recommend and use.

These essential sticker success guides include design resources, printer and sticker paper recommendations.

(Value $200+)

DIY Sticker Guide


Sticker Ideas Guide + Tracker

Never be short of a sticker idea!

Get my Sticker Ideas and Inspiration List PLUS a printable Ideas Tracker to keep you motivated and inspired at every stage of your sticker-making journey!

(Value $60+)

That's a total value of over $600

... for just a one-time payment of $37!


In Sticker Making 101, you will learn the skills to design, print and cut customized stickers using color, patterns and fonts - just like these!

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And you can use your new sticker-making skills to create all kinds for yourself or your loved ones like these and more!

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The step-by-step path inside Sticker Making 101 will help you design stickers you're proud of.

But when you enroll now, you'll also instantly access three HUGE bonuses to fast-track your sticker-making success ...

DIY Sticker Guide

Done-for-You Pre-Made Cricut Design Space Sticker Template

This perfect, customizable Cricut sticker sheet template is perfect for you! Perfect for sticker makers at every level to make beautiful stickers whenever you want them.

Simply open it in Cricut Design Space and you can personalize it in minutes to make stickers the easiest way.

(Worth $39!)

DIY Sticker Guide

Done-for-You Pre-Made Silhouette Studio Sticker Sheet Template

This pre-made, perfect and completely customizable sticker sheet template is super easy for sticker-makers at all levels to customize in minutes!

It's easy to edit - change up the colors and patterns whenever you want to make new stickers. It can be reused over and over again!

(Worth $39!)

DIY Sticker Guide

Planner Stickers Tutorial + Done-for-You Stickers Template

This bonus is for YOU! It includes a complete, start-to-finish tutorial to make a weekly planner sticker kit from scratch in Silhouette.

PLUS, you'll get the completed template in both Cricut and Silhouette versions. It can be customized in minutes every week to create beautiful stickers!

(Worth $89!)

So now it's a total value of over $777

... for just a one-time payment of $37!


Why should you enroll in Sticker Making 101 today?

Take a look at what some of my 10,000+ students are saying about my sticker-making courses:

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"The fear of starting has lifted and I'm on my way! Thanks for your very clear instructions!"

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"I had played around with the software prior to finding this and it took me FOREVER to figure things out. Having a step-by-step tutorial has been extremely helpful. This has been a great investment.

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"You saved me hundreds of wasted hours and hundreds of sheets of sticker paper!"

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Hi lovely, I'm Mim Jenkinson!

I‚Äôm a¬†sticker OBSESSED,¬†mum of two, a professional sticker-maker, Silhouette and Cricut pro and host of¬†The Planner Podcast¬†ūüďĒūüíĆ

Back in 2016, I never thought I'd be able to master making stickers. I was clueless! There was a little bit of trial and error in the beginning ... but once I found a sticker-making process to make stickers I was proud of, my life changed.

Now, I design, make and sell my own stickers and I love to teach others how too. In fact, I've taught over 10,000 students worldwide to make their own stickers from scratch.

If¬†you're ready to finally make stickers that YOU are proud to use or share, you're in the right place. ūüôĆ

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My student Teresa said:

"What I am most proud of is learning how to make sticker sheets ... and I would highly recommend Mim to anyone that wants to learn about sticker making!"

Let's recap what you'll get instant access to ...


  • 10 x Step-by-step Tutorials¬†to make sticker-making easy and fun in Silhouette or¬†Cricut
  • 2 x Done-for-You Sticker Templates¬†that can be customized easily in minutes
  • Essential, Time-Saving Tools Guide¬†with 5-star recommendations so you start out with the best, affordable equipment!
  • Design Resources¬†and insider hacks to use colours, patterns and fonts the "pro" way
  • Quick-Start Guides¬†for sticker-making ideas and success to inspire and keep you on track from the start
  • Easy-to-Follow Trackers and Checklists¬†to get started FAST, the easiest way to make stickers


PLUS these amazing bonuses!


  • BONUS¬†#1:¬†Two Done-for-you Perfect Sticker Sheet Templates:¬†Customize and personalize these templates to print and cut professional-looking stickers in minutes! (Value $78)
  • BONUS #2:¬†Planner Sticker Kit¬†Tutorials PLUS Done-for-You¬†Sticker Sheet Template:¬†An extended, start-to-finish and in-depth tutorial and customizable templates to make planner stickers that pop! (Value $89)



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My student Peatra said:

"I had played around prior to finding this and it took me FOREVER to figure things out. Having a step-by-step tutorial has been extremely helpful. This has been a great investment to get me on the road to opening my Etsy shop!"

Create made-to-measure, DIY stickers at home from scratch that are perfect for YOU!

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Got Questions? Here are the answers you need!

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Get unstuck and unlock your inner creativity

... just as I did!


Start this fun, creative journey and I'll share the exact steps I used so that you can learn the fun and fast way.

It's time to stop feeling confused and start giving back to yourself by creating a sticker-making hobby that lights you up!


Don't miss this last-chance opportunity to enroll for just $37

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My student Sasha said:

"The fear of starting has lifted and I'm on my way! Thanks for your very clear instructions!"